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ConsortImmobiliser Pty Ltd is an Australian (Limited by Shares) Joint Venture proprietary company led by MKPro Engineering Pty Ltd (‘MKPro’). As an Australian company, our clients are assured of quality solution—the ConsortImmobiliser, backed by Australian Standard.

The ConsortImmobiliser

The ConsortImmobiliser is a broad immobiliser solution that provides for multi-user interface local and remote immobilisation, tracking, and geo-fencing of uniquely identified and authenticated vehicle over a secure communication channel.

Ours is the first true vehicular immobilisation solution that enables a reasonable driver to safely stop upon vehicular immobilisation (‘DriveIntervention’).

For an individual user, the system acquires and authenticate Vehicle digital ID and sends signal to the Vehicle Programmable Logic Controller/EFI, or power electronics in terms of electric, or power controller in hybrid vehicles to prevent supply of fuel/power to engine/motor and hence prevents engine/motor start. While vehicle is in motion and except with master code override, the FOB/APP cannot immobilise the vehicle when in defined close proximity to the vehicle. However, vehicle self-arms to activate immobilisation if FOB/APP location is determined to be at a distance greater than defined proximity to the vehicle.

Key features include

  • Ramp down power to EFI/Fuel pump or power supply to motor generator in electric/hybrid vehicle. Ramp time = Δt.
  • Activate all emergency/hazard lights signalling at t= 0.
  • Activate hazard alarm/buzzer at t = 0.5Δt.

Authorised 3rd Party (Law Enforcement Agency or Super Administrator) can—directly through a master-controlled code—activate immobilisation of a uniquely identified and authenticated vehicle of interest through an interface. Once master code is deployed, the individual access to system is blocked until master code activation is reversed. Authorised 3rd Party may also issue a ‘Controlled Speed Reduction’ command (‘SpeedIntervention’) to an over-speeding vehicle, if required. This feature forms the base and a vital component of our SmartRoad roll-out for use where Authorised 3rd Party may not have line of sight visual of offending vehicle.

All associated actions and progressive steps are programmable to suit business requirements.

A secure report is automatically generated and sent to the User upon issuing command to ‘release immobilisation‘. The report comprise of system activities and GPS tracking of the vehicle beginning from when immobilisation command is issued until the command is reversed.

Our solution makes our roads, your roads, and communities safer.

All transmissions are secure and hack-proof. This solution can be fitted or retrofitted into any vehicle.

Email: support@consortimmobiliser.com.au

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Latest News

The 1st public field testing of our pilot product was successfully completed on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of March 2019. That test followed over 200hours of tests in simulated environment and over 10hours of private field tests. Visit the links below to watch the footages.



Pilot Product (L:114mm x W:89mm x H:55mm)
Size and Scale Comparison: Left to right (1st version Prototype, 2nd version Prototype, Pilot Product)